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Operations Management (Weekend EMBA)

Spring 2019, 2020 & Summer 2021

Operations Management (Global EMBA)

Summer 2019

Duke University

Teaching Assistant

  • Graded homework assignments and exams

  • Provided one-to-one tutoring for students on course materials, use of Excel, and homework problems




Online Tutor

  • Provided one-to-one tutor service on the online learning platform for over 100 undergraduate students on various courses, such as optimization, probability, statistics, economics, simulation, etc. 

Applications of Operations Research to Health Systems (B.S./M.S.)

Spring 2014

Cornell University

Course Developer

  • Preprocessed a large data set from the endoscopy department of a medical institution; conducted data analysis using MS Access, SQLite and R

  • Prepared instructor's manual and tutorials for students on possible data analysis

Optimization I (B.S./M.S.)

Fall 2013

Cornell University

Teaching Assistant

  • Evaluation: 4.99/5.00

  • Held recitations on practice questions and programming in AMPL

  • Held weekly office hours answering questions related to homework and course materials; graded homework assignments and exams

Quantitative Analytical Chemistry Lab Experiments (B.S.)

Spring 2011

Peking University

Teaching Assistant

  • Gave weekly lectures on theories and experimental instructions to a group of 18 students

  • Graded weekly experiment reports and final projects

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