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with P.L. Jackson & J.A. Muckstadt (2019), Management Science, 65(2):794-818

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with N.B. Keskin & J.-S. Song (2020), Management Science, 68(3): 1938-1958

- Special Issue on Data-driven Prescriptive Analytics.

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Photograph Courtesy of Solume

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with N.B. Keskin & N. Sunar, under revision at Operations Research 

- Winner, INFORMS Data Mining Best Paper Competition, 2020

- Spotlight track, INFORMS 2021 RM&P Conference

- Winner, INFORMS Service Science Best Paper Competition, 2022

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Deep Learning for Visual Advertising on Digital Platforms:
Asymptotically Optimal Image Selection

with N.B. Keskin, S. Liu, & J.-S. Song, to be submitted soon

A Unified Parsimonious Model for Structural Demand Estimation
Accounting for Stockout and Substitution

with Y. Deng & J.-S. Song, submitted to Management Science 

Asset 9_3x-8.png
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